Unborn Lives Matter to God!




Unborn lives matter to God.  Do they matter to you?  If so, get your keister (aka. your bottom) up off the couch this Saturday morning (September 26h) and come join us at the Barron County Fairgrounds as we support the incredibly important work of the Rice Lake Pregnancy Help Center in fighting for the unborn in our community.


The event is called Bike 4 Life.  Yet, if you don’t have a bike or tend to get bucked off your bike or simply don’t like to bike, YOU CAN (and should) STILL PARTICIPATE by walking or watching.  All ages are welcome.  Come with the whole family!  Weather forecast is currently looking wonderful.

The event runs from 8:30am-11:30am, Saturday, September 26th at the Barron County Fairgrounds.

There are some cool items that will be sold during a live auction and a silent auction.

More details by clicking HERE.
Allow God to renew your passion and commitment for fighting for those that cannot defend themselves by watching this powerful short clip from Pastor Matt Chandler.


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