Sharing Your Faith

Want some help learning how to share your faith?  Here are a couple of simple tools to help you.  Memorize the one that works best for you:


  • G.O.S.P.E.L. (Share your faith using the letters in the word Gospel)
  • Natural questions to ask to have spiritual conversations.  Start a conversation with the first question.  If the person seems interested, keep going.  If the person does not seem interested, stop and allow the conversation to move on to something else.  Feel free to ask follow up questions, if you want.  Let the conversation flow naturally, but be intentionally about moving on to the next question.
    1. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
    2. What do you think about Jesus? Who was he?
    3. Do you believe in heaven and hell?
    4. If you died tonight, what would happen to you?
    5. If your beliefs are wrong, would you want to know?
      • If the person says yes, then continue on to share with them the gospel using the Romans road to salvation (see below).
      • Have the person you are sharing with read the verses.  Ask him/her what he/she thinks about what they read.



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