Bigger OR Better Fun Night

As has been our tradition over the past few years at the Soul Garage, every month that has a 5th Wednesday we plan a special fun night for the youth group.  September has a 5th Wednesday and it is only a few days away.  Next Wednesday, September 30th we have a very special fun night planned for the Soul Garage youth.  We have announced it during the past couple weeks, but we wanted to make sure that all parents are aware of the plans for this special night.  We are asking youth to arrive at 6:30pm, if possible, to gather and receive instructions on how the night is going to play out.  We are going to be playing a game called Bigger OR Better.  We intend to depart from the Soul Garage at 6:45pm.

The game will be played throughout the surrounding community with various youth leaders each driving a group of youth in their vehicle around the community with the goal of returning to the Soul Garage with the biggest and best items they can find.  Each group will be given a penny to start the game.  They will then find someone to trade their penny for something bigger or better.  They will then take that item and find someone else to trade with to get something even bigger or even better.  The game will continue until the allotted time is up and everyone returns to the Soul Garage for the judging portion of the game.  The youth leaders will judge which group returned with the biggest or best treasure.  Everyone on the winning team will receive a $5 Culvers Gift Card. We plan to be done at 9:00pm as normal.

The goal of the night is to build relationships and have lots of fun getting to know each other at a deeper level as we work together as a team to bring home the biggest and best item.  We hope that this fun interactive game will create some lasting memories and help youth interact with some others that they may not already know.

If you have any questions or concerns about our plans for the night, please call me ASAP.  No youth will be allowed to drive during the event, ONLY adult leaders.  My cell is 847.682.2405

If you want to check out our fun little promo video one of our recent grads create for us, check it out HERE.



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