Missionaries Sharing at Youth Group

For youth group at the Soul Garage on November 30th we will be having a missionary family share about their past 5 years living overseas serving the Lord in various capacities. Come prepared to ask questions after they share. Their sharing time will replace our normal teaching time, but most of the schedule will stay the same. However, instead of doing breakout groups at the end, we may ask youth to help put up some Christmas decorations in the Soul Garage.

Doors open at 5:45pm.

Also, remember to get all your wreaths delivered ASAP if you haven’t already. If you still owe money, please plan to turn that in this Wednesday night.

Throughout the month of November, we have had a challenge between the middle schoolers and high schoolers to see who has the most spiritual conversations with friends, family, neighbors, classmates, teachers, or others. The challenge ends this Wednesday. If you have had any neat conversations, I’d love for you to consider sharing about it with the youth group or with your friends at youth group. Here are some questions you could use to find out what others believe spiritually:

  1. What do you believe spiritually?
  2. What do you believe about Jesus?
  3. Do you believe in heaven and hell?
  4. If you died today, where would you go or what would happen to you?

Post your question or insights

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