Paintball Event

All youth 6th-12th grade (and parents) are invited to join the Soul Garage for a morning of paintball out at Patriot Paintball near Chetek on Saturday, October 22. You can either meet us at 10am at Patriot Paintball (1166 30th St., Chetek) or meet us at 9:15am at the Soul Garage if you need a ride. Cost for youth and parents is $20. Some people are trigger happy and may want to bring extra money to purchase extra paintballs. Youth leaders are covered by my Soul Garage budget. We plan to be done around noon and back to the Soul Garage between 12:30-1pm. We can text parents when we leave Patriot Paintball on our way back to the Soul Garage.

Bring a water bottle and some snacks if you want. Dress warmly in clothing that can get covered in paint. The paint is washable (usually), but we make no guarantee it won’t stain clothing so dress appropriately.

They have both a speed course with inflatable objects to hide behind and a course in the woods where we can play capture the flag utilizing military tactics.

Patriot Paintball is located on an operational dairy farm, so don’t be thrown off thinking you are at the wrong location when you pull in the driveway and see a barn and silos.

In order to sign up, click HERE.

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