Challenge 2018: Reflection #4 (Hope Loew)


Going in to Challenge, I was very weary about my relationship with God. Many of you know my grandparents and my mom, so you would know that I was raised in to a Christian home. Growing up with that, I assumed I was set and I needed to know nothing more about the Word and God the Father…oh, how wrong I was! I knew I was straying from God; I was sinning daily without repentance. At Challenge, I learned to not only accept but BELIEVE the love of God. I always knew He loved me, but believing it requires a whole new level of trust.

In the past, Satan had a hold on me of wanting a child. It has strongly affected me in the past and caused great distress. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the 7th Hour band members worshiping with her newborn baby girl. It was at this moment that I realized that it was no longer my burden to carry. Jesus was telling me that there was a reason He chose a different path for me.
There is something to be said for for the environment that one is pursuing their faith in. Being around believers for a week was amazing for me! I have gone to previous conferences, but I have always obtained the same results. I was held accountable by my peers, which is something that is very good for me. This last week, I grew closer to God, the youth group leaders, made some new friends, and some new memories I will never forget. Thank you for all of the prayers and support throughout my journey.
Much love and thankfulness,
Hope Loew

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