Challenge 2018: Reflection #9 (Kaylin Kargus)

Growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends. So all my childhood I had this subconscious loneliness take over me and I wanted to, and did, fill that hole with human relationships instead of filling that emptiness with God and His love. I knew in my head I was suppose to fill the Christ-shaped-hole … More Challenge 2018: Reflection #9 (Kaylin Kargus)


Challenge 2018: Reflection #3 (Caleb Peterson)

For myself, the whole trip was so amazing! Every part of it from the rec activities (meeting tons of new people) and the conversations with the different leaders and students from our own youth group to the speakers’ brilliant sermons and intense equipping labs was extremely impactive and intense. Of all the things I took … More Challenge 2018: Reflection #3 (Caleb Peterson)