Districts Registration Deadline TONIGHT

If you are hoping to join us for the District Youth Conference this January, we need to have your forms and payment submitted tonight, November 30th!

All the info, including forms are on the website: www.thesoulgarage.com/districts-2017

We would love to have a bunch of new students join us, so please invite your friends.

We do have some scholarship money available to help those in financial need, so please contact Pastor Tony if you need some assistance getting to Districts.  We want everyone to come!

God is Trustworthy!


Sometimes, life stinks!  

How do you respond when that’s your reality?  

Can God be trusted even when life is hard and your world seems to be falling apart all around you?

Job Sitting by Tree 

Join us Wednesday, December 2nd at the Soul Garage as Andre Abraham brings the teaching from our Bigger & Better Series.  God is BIGGER & BETTER than we have realized.  We will be exploring the story of Job and we will see how Job’s understanding of God exploded when he had a direct encounter with the God of all creation.

DON’T FORGET!!!  Final payment for Districts and all forms are due tonight, December 2nd! We mail our group payment tomorrow and there is no guarantee we can add after this point.  If we can, there is a significant late fee you would have to pay.