Final Day to Purchase Christmas Wreaths


Today, October 26th is the FINAL day to purchase Christmas Wreaths for the Soul Garage fundraiser! If you are interested in purchasing a wreath, garland, cross, or candy cane to decorate your home this Christmas and want to support the Soul Garage youth ministry, please drop off your order today at the church or email Pastor Tony ASAP!  Email:

Size and Pricing

  • 24″ Wreath  =  $20
  • 36″  Wreath =  $30
  • 48″  Wreath =  $35
  • 60″  Wreath =  $40
  • 10′  Garland =  $20
  • 25′  Garland =  $25
  • Cross  =  $25
  • Candy Cane  =  $25

Discount Cards are also being sold at the same time, though the Discount Card sale will continue longer.  More details on the Discount Cards HERE.  The Wreath orders must be finalized TODAY!  Prepayment is required and the orders can be picked up or delivered the week of Thanksgiving.  Checks can be written to Maranatha EFC.

Thanks for supporting the Soul Garage youth ministry!


Fundraising Opportunities


We work hard to provide multiple opportunities for youth to raise funds to help pay for the costs of the fun events and trips we take as a youth group.  The fall fundraising we are currently in the middle of involves selling Christmas Wreaths and Discount Cards.

ALL Christmas Wreath sales must be submitted by Wednesday, October 26th!!

Discount Cards can be pre-sold along with the wreaths, but the Discount Cards will be available for selling through November.

Youth benefit directly from these sales to offset the cost of whatever events they participate in between now and June 30, 2017 (Fall Retreat, District Youth Conference, Ice Caves, Christie Mountain, EQUIP Middle School Retreat, Summer Mission Trip, etc.)

  • For every item on the wreath sale, students will earn $5.
  • For every Discount Card, students will earn $8.

The businesses offering discounts this year on our Discount Cards have been finalized.  To see the full list, check out the Discount Card page on our website by clicking HERE.

If you need help thinking who you might be able to sell to, use the following list as a starting point:

  • Family members
  • Relatives
  • Neighbors
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Church family
  • Friends at school
  • Parents of your friends
  • Teammates
  • Parents of teammates
  • Co-workers
  • Boss
  • Parent’s co-workers
  • Complete strangers
  • Facebook friends

There will be prizes for the top sellers!!

Spiritual Gifts: Part 2

Building Up the Body of Christ Silhouette

Join us this Wednesday from 7pm-9pm as Pastor Tony will conclude a two-week series on spiritual gifts.  This week he the focus will be on using our gifts to build up the Church.

  • If you are a believer, what are your spiritual gifts?
  • How can you use your gifts to build up the Body of Christ?
  • How can using our spiritual gifts help us become the most loving youth group in Rice Lake?

Reminder to all youth and leaders, sell as many of your Discount Cards as possible and submit the money you have collected so far to Melinda Zurn TONIGHT, May 13th.  Bring any unsold cards and turn them in to Melinda if you do not think you will sell them on your own by next Wednesday, May 20th.

Only 2 weeks of youth group left before we transition to our summer events.  If you haven’t already downloaded the 2015 Soul Garage Summer Calendar, click here to check it out and add the dates to your summer calendar so you don’t miss out on any of the fun and memory-making events!