Fundraising Options

Need help raising funds to cover the UK Vision Trip?  Here are several opportunities that are available to you:

Trinity Pottery

The Soul Garage has a collection of Trinity Pottery available to be sold as a fundraiser. You can sell it at farmer’s markets, craft shows, online or by word of mouth.

Click here for a link to samples of Trinity Pottery.

Work Projects

If you are willing to work hard, you can raise funds by doing work projects.  To set up a work project:

  • Send out a letter to people in you know in the area, letting them know you are looking for opportunities to earn funds for the UK Vision Trip. Offer your services (cleaning, childcare, yard work, etc.), in exchange for a donation to help cover your trip costs. See Support Letters below for a sample letter that asks for work opportunities.
  • Let Pastor Tony know about any opportunities that you set up (particularly if you set up a work project that needs more than one person).
  • Show up early for the scheduled work project and give 110% to the task you are doing.
  • After the work project is finished, send a thank you card to the donor.