Discount Cards

In order to help raise funds for our youth ministry events and to provide a way for students to raise funds for Fall Fling or District Youth Conference or any other events we do, we will be selling discount cards for local businesses.  Here are the details:

  • Cost to Purchase: $20
  • Discounts will be valid through Dec 31, 2018, unless otherwise noted
  • Students earn $10/card directly toward the student account
  • BONUS: This year the cards come with a THREE WINNERS key tag that comes off and gives the user access to discounts and coupons all across the country through the website.  These can be printed off or redeemed using a mobile app.  So, when you travel, just go online and type in your zipcode and see what discounts might be available in that location.


To buy a card, contact a student in the youth group or email Pastor Tony: 


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