Can We Trust The Bible?

Last night in the Soul Garage we showed part of the video below that focuses on how the manuscript evidence for the Bible strongly demonstrates that we can absolutely trust the Bible. We encourage families to watch the entire video and learn about the fascinating discoveries of ancient manuscripts that confirm the accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible we have today!

We also want to challenge and invite youth and parents both to take a DEEP DIVE into the evidence we have that supports a robust trust in the Bible. In today’s world, many people are attacking and seeking to undermine our trust and belief in the Bible. Many young people doubt whether or not they should really trust what the Bible says, wondering if there are errors or contradictions or being concerned that it is irrelevant to the issues of today. We challenge and invite ALL Soul Garage families to commit to watching some or all 20 videos in the series linked below from Pastor Mike Winger on Evidence for the Bible. If any youth or families are interested in doing this together as a Bible study with Pastor Tony and Michelle or other families, please contact Pastor Tony by email: and we will set something up.


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