Youth Group Livestream

We are testing out our abilities to offer a livestream of youth group on Wednesday nights at the Soul Garage for those youth that are unable to join in person due to sickness or anything else. If this works out, it will also be a place where you can go back and watch or rewatch any teachings that you missed or found helpful. Tonight, we have the privilege of having Pastor Cody teach from our next section in Romans as we finally get to some REALLY GOOD NEWS in the story of the Gospel.

Parents, our desire is to partner with you and come alongside you in your efforts to disciple your sons and daughters to know, love and follow God. Feel free to check out our livestream as well in order to know what we cover each week so you can be better able to have follow up conversations at home.

I have emailed the livestream link for tonight to everyone in our youth group directory for this year. If you did not receive the link, please text Pastor Tony to request a copy of the link.


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