Eager to Preach

All youth 6th-12th grade are invited to join us at the Soul Garage TONIGHT, October 6 for some fun and games and some teaching as we continue in our Romans series. The apostle Paul expresses his eagerness to preach the gospel to those in Rome in our text tonight. Join us as we examine what contributed to his eagerness. Why was he so eager to preach? Didn’t the Christians in Rome already know and accept the gospel? Come and explore Romans 1:8-15 with us.

Also, we are hoping to get a game of flag football going at 5:45pm sharp out back on the playing field area behind the main building. We’ve got a new set of belts and flags that need to be broke in. Plus, we need to start practicing for the tournaments next year at Fall Fling. Come and bring a friend.

Don’t forget that registration is open for the Apologetics Conference which is just over a month away!


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