3 Reasons We Can Trust the Bible

The Soul Garage youth group will be meeting Wednesday, September 15th in the Soul Garage for our first regular night of youth group after our Fall Kickoff last week. Doors open at 5:45pm. Programming starts at 6:15pm and ends at 8:00pm with an optional game time and hangout until 8:30pm. A game of flag football will take place outside starting around 5:45pm, so all who are interested in playing flag football at Fall Retreat should come early to play along with anyone else interested in playing flag football.

This week we will begin the year examining three reasons we can trust the Bible. Over the past few years we have examined seven other reasons we can trust the Bible. Together, these ten reasons give us great confidence that the Bible is truly the Word of God and should serve as our ultimate authority in discerning truth in a world filled with lies.

We will be handing out brochures for Fall Retreat and our Student Apologetics Conference. Also, we are kicking off our annual Christmas Wreath Fundraiser this week. Youth planning to attend Fall Retreat can click HERE to read more about it and register through our website. Youth planning to attend the Reality Student Apologetics Conference can click HERE to read more and register. Youth planning to participate in our most productive fundraiser can click HERE to get more information about our Wreath Fundraiser


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