Summer Apologetics Resources

Want to keep learning apologetics this summer? There are so many great resources online available for free, not to mention the resources available through Right Now Media. Here are some of our favorites to keep you engaged in apologetics this summer.

RightNow Media

Maranatha EFC provides free access to RightNow Media to all Soul Garage families. If you do not have access to RightNow Media already, contact the main office of Maranatha at 715.234.8313.

Here are some favorites that we would recommend:

6 sessions covering topics like evolution, why we can trust the Bible, how can God allow suffering and many more!
William Lane Craig’s ministry has put together a variety of videos covering the existence of God and the problem of suffering.
Sean McDowell covers a whole variety of questions with quick 2-4 minute answers.

If you want to explore more, check out the Apologetics section under the Libraries Menu.

YouTube Channels to check out

Here are some of our favorite channels for apologetics:


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