Prepping for Role Play

All youth (and parents) are encouraged to watch the video(s) linked below that are associated with your breakout group in preparation for our special “atheist” role play on Wednesday, May 19th. If you missed last Wednesday when we assigned topics and groups in preparation for the role play, you are strongly encouraged to watch the relevant video and talk with others in your group before Wednesday to help you review the material.

If you want to be inspired generally to keep digging deeper into apologetics and to have courage for this coming Wednesday, watch some of the video below called “The Next Apologist”. Then, scroll down and find the video connected to your breakout group and watch that video and maybe take some notes in preparation for a conversation with someone pretending to be an atheist.

Group 1 (middle school boys): The Existence of God. Starting question: “How do you define atheism?”

Group 2 (Stacey’s middle school girls): Suffering & Evil. Starting question: “Where do you believe evil comes from?”

Group 3 (Kay’s middle school girls): Science Related. Starting question: “What is your thought on creation or how the earth came into existence?”

Group 4 (high school girls): Emotionalism. Starting question: “What do you think about the phrase ‘Always follow your heart’?”

Group 5 (high school guys): Part 1: Critical Race Theory. Starting question: “There is a lot about Critical Race Theory these days. What is your position in this topic?”

Group 5 (high school guys): Part 2: “There is also a lot of talk about inequalities between men and women. From your perspective, what is the problem in this area and what is the solution?”


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