Atheist Role Play

All youth 6th-12th grade are invited to join us on Wednesday, May 19th at the Soul Garage for a special event. Fro this special evening, we will start programming at 6:15pm and end no later than 8:30pm. We have a guest joining us who is a Christian, but is going to role play as though he is an atheist. He will seek to fairly represent an atheist position in response to the various apologetics topics we have addressed this year.

Parents are also strongly encouraged to join us for the night so they can hear the dialogue that takes place back and forth between the youth and our guest and so parents can have ongoing conversations with their youth following the event.

An email has been sent to families with more details. If you are not on our mailing list or did not receive that email, please contact Pastor Tony by phone (715.205.5642) or email (


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