Answering Tough Questions About Christianity

All youth 6th-12th grade are invited to join us at the Soul Garage on Wednesday, January 27th for a special night as we practice answering tough questions about Christianity. Doors open at 6pm. Programming this week runs from 6:30-8:30pm.

Starting in February we will work hard to wrap up our normal programming at 8:00pm with an optional game time 8:00-8:30pm. Over the past couple months our programming has crept back to our schedule from last year with a later ending time, but we plan to remedy that beginning in February.

For this week, Soul Garage youth are encouraged to invite friends to come help us out this Wednesday. We will also be celebrating Pastor Tony’s birthday with some free pizza and cupcakes starting at 6pm. Michelle is making the cupcakes, so you won’t want to miss out on this special treat!

We will play a game together and have a time of worship and then we will transition into our time of responding to tough questions about Christianity. During this part of the night we will break into groups of four students and students will take turns in various roles: Skeptic, Defenders of the Faith, and Observer. We will go through multiple rounds of questions where youth will get the chance to practice defending the Christian faith as well as observing and offering feedback to others in the group. During each round, two students will work together as Defenders of the Faith to respond to the Skeptic’s questions. Any guests that join us can choose to play the roles of Skeptic or Observer. They will not have to play the role of a Defender of the Faith.

We have been training the youth to stand up for their faith and this will be a night of practicing doing that in a safe environment as we all learn and grow together in our ability to offer rational, logical and compelling reasons for why we believe what we believe about the Christian faith.

We hope you can join us and bring a friend or two with you! If you have questions about the plans for the night, please contact Pastor Tony (715.205.5642)

We encourage everyone to check out the Apologetics Quick Guide we have created and linked below to help you prepare for the night. We will have printed copies available for everyone on Wednesday night to use as a cheat sheet to help you as you respond to the questions of the Skeptics.


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