Youth Group Via Zoom 11/ 11

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For several reasons, I made the decison to do youth group tomorrow night via zoom. The primary reason is to minimize potential covid exposure in preparation for going to the Apologetics Conference this weekend. We already have a few youth that are quarantined and unable to attend in person. The second reason is because there are lots of new cases of covid going through our community including our church family. A third reason is that our attendance was a bit low last week at youth group, so my hope is that this will allow numerous youth to participate that otherwise would not be able to this week. 

I understand not everyone will like this decision, but I think it is best for this week. At this point, my preference is to meet in person next week (in part because we are distributing wreaths that night.)

You will find the Zoom information in an email sent from me. If you do not have that email, please contact me. You can call or text me, or you can email me at

When you enter the meeting ID for joining the Zoom Youth Group Meeting, please make sure to enter your first and last name as your Screen Name so we know who you are when you enter the Waiting Room. Be aware that your account may already have a screen name assigned and you will need to edit it to enter your name. We will NOT admit people we do not recognize to the meeting as a safety precaution. 


  • 6:00pm “Doors” Open
  • 6:15pm  Mixer/Game
  • 6:30pm  Announcements/Worship Song Time
  • 7:00pm  Apologetics Training (How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?)
  • 7:30pm  Breakout Groups
  • 8:00pm  Wrap Up
  • 8:15pm  “Doors” Closing

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. 


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