Fall Fling: COVID Questionnaire Requirement

Camp Shaminuea is requiring a questionnaire to be filled out by every attendee to Fall Fling. This form must be filled out between Friday, September 25 and Thursday, October 1.

Be honest in filling out the form. Answering yes to the questions does not automatically mean that you will not be able to attend Fall Fling. Responses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Everyone attending Fall Fling will also be required to have their temperature checked at the Soul Garage before departure and upon arrival at Camp Shamineau. Anyone with a temperature above 100F at the Soul Garage will not be permitted to attend Fall Fling. Anyone with a temperature upon arrival at Camp Shamineau will be sent home, along with everyone else who was in their vehicle.

Please click on the link below to fill out this questionnaire:


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