Youth Group Outside

For Wednesday, September 16th, we plan to have youth group outside behind (west of) the main church building. We will plan to be outside for the entire evening so youth can be dropped off either on the north or south side of the main church building (NOT the Soul Garage) and they can walk around the building. Students and leaders driving their own vehicles are encouraged to park along the southern end of the main parking lot to leave space closer to the Ministry Center for Awana families. See the map below.

“Doors” open at 6pm. We will play some outdoor games and activities. Training time will happen outside around 7pm. Announcements and worship will be at 7:30pm. We will be done at 8pm. 

Don’t forget to register for Fall Retreat and our Student Apologetics Conference. September 16th is our deadline for registering for Fall Retreat. The Fall Fling page on our website is updated and live. 

Hope to see you there! 
Pastor Tony


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