Join us for an interactive evening with speakers Vašek Andrš, Stephen Love, Kempton Turner, and Justin Wevers. We’ll also worship with Seventh Hour and have a few surprises for you along the way. The theme of Challenge 2020 remains the same—Restless: Longing and Belonging. Only in Christ do our hearts find rest, and only as a part of His Church will we find out what it means to belong.

Doors will open at the Soul Garage at 6:30pm. The Livestream will start at 7pm.


While there is no cost for attending the Livestream, we will be taking an offering to help off-set the expenses that Challenge has to cover. When the in-person Challenge event was cancelled, this meant a huge loss of money, as some expenses had already been paid. We are encouraging every participant to ask God what He wants you to give to help. If you want to give, but you are unsure of an amount, $5-$10 would be a good starting point.

2 Things to Note about offerings:

  • God loves a cheerful giver – in other words, a sincere offering is something that you freely give by your own choice because you want to.
  • Give generously because God gives generously. God is so generous with us, giving us His only Son to pay the price for our sin. If God never did another thing for us, He would still be the most generous of all. But God continues to be generous to us, in providing for our needs and often our wants. Everything we “own” actually belongs to God. We are merely caretakers of His property. Remind yourself of God’s generosity with you, and let that be the motivation for why you are generous with others.


To participate in the Livestream at the Soul Garage:

If you plan to watch the Livestream from the Soul Garage, you do not need to register on the Challenge website. Instead, please fill out the form below, so we have an idea of how many will be participating. Walk-ins are also welcome.

To participate in the Livestream at your own home:

You will need to register for the Livestream on the Challenge website. There is no cost. Click here to visit the Challenge website for more information.


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