Youth Group in the Main Building

This Wednesday, December 18th we will NOT be meeting in the Soul Garage for youth group. INSTEAD, we will be meeting in the main building. Youth are encouraged to enter through the main entrance where the carport is. We will open doors at 6:00pm as normal and start programming at 6:45pm. We plan to be done by 8:30pm as normal. Youth can be dropped off and picked up from the main entrance.

Please do be extra careful dropping youth off since there are younger children entering Awana from the south side of the Ministry Center and in the dark it can be difficult to see people. 

The reason for this change is that it was discovered this past week that there are some broken rafters in one section of the Soul Garage roof, likely caused by the snow load last winter. There is a crew of guys working to repair the damage this week, but in order to be extra careful and to give them more time to do the repair work, we have decided to relocate to the main building this week. Please pray for safety for the workers and for successful repair work. 

Reminder that we do NOT have youth group Dec 25 OR Jan 1st. We leave for Districts on Friday, January 3rd. More details will be coming on that in the near future. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


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