Fun Night @ The Boardwalk

On Wednesday, October 30th the Soul Garage will be having one of our periodic FUN NIGHTS in place of our normal youth group. We WILL NOT be meeting at the Soul Garage at all on October 30th. Instead, we are asking parents to drop off and pick up their youth at The Boardwalk on the north side of Rice Lake (105 N. Main St. Rice Lake). It is located right next to Northwoods Promotions and across the street from Amundson’s Appliances.

The FUN NIGHT will run from 5:30pm-8:30pm. There will be board games and card games and youth are welcome to bring money to purchase food and drinks. Feel free to bring your favorite game from home or try out one of the fun trial games there. There is a special meal deal The Boardwalk is offering to our group for $10 to get a flatbread pizza, cookie and drink. We are not providing food, so bring $$ if you want to buy anything from their menu. If you think you might want to buy a boardgame, bring $$ for that as well.

We have communicated with the youth last week and ask parents to also communicate with their youth that once they arrive, we will not allow them leave in the middle of the night without a parent picking them up unless parents communicate directly to Pastor Tony (715.642.5132) that they have permission to leave early. We take seriously our responsibility on Wednesday nights to supervise the youth to keep them safe and out of mischief.


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