Start a Bible Reading Plan in 2019

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Want to grow in your love for the Lord in 2019?

The best way to love the Lord more is to get to know him better by reading His Word, the Bible. The reality is that if you are not regularly engaging with God’s Word, you will not grow in your love for the Lord nor will you become more Christ-like.

Here are a few different reading plans by the Bible Project that can help you get into God’s Word and understand it better through their helpful video clips that are mixed into the plan. Depending on where you are at in you spiritual journey, pick a plan that will best help you keep moving one step closer to God.

New to reading the Bible?

If you have never read the Bible before and you aren’t sure you want to commit to reading the whole book in 2019, try a smaller Bible reading plan that focuses on the life of Jesus.

Here is a one month plan that goes through the writings of the apostle John.

This is a 90 day plan that covers all four Gospels. Check out the plan here.

For anyone who attends Maranatha’s worship services on Sunday mornings, you might want to check out this 100 day plan that focuses on the first 5 books of the bible, also known as the Torah. Pastor Cody is beginning a new series looking at the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus. Start this plan by clicking here to get more information.

Do you have some experience reading the Bible?

Want to read through the whole New Testament this year? Click here to check out the Bible Project’s YouVersion Bible reading plan that covers the New Testament in one year.

Would you rather read the Old Testament this year and then the New Testament in 2020? The Bible Project offers a YouVersion Bible reading plan to read through the whole Old Testament in one year. Click here to find out more.

Have you read through parts of the Bible, but never the whole thing?

The ReadScripture App has a great one-year Bible reading plan that incorporates the Bible Project videos into the reading plan. Get the app here:

There is also a YouVersion Bible reading plan from the Bible Project that you can check out by clicking here.


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