Can We Trust the Bible?

Can we really trust the Bible?  Many people today will argue that we cannot trust the Bible.  Yet, there are numerous very strong reasons why we can trust the Bible.  All youth 6th-12th grade are invited to come join us at the Soul Garage this Wednesday evening, September 19th as we explore this crucial question together.

Remember that youth group starts at 6:45pm this year and ends at 8:30pm.  For our first night together this year in the Soul Garage we will stay together middle school and high school except for our Breakout Group time which will be at the end of the night this week. Following Breakout Groups, we do plan to get a game of flag football going in the gym in preparation for Fall Retreat Tournaments!

NEW this year is that we plan to try selling Little Caesar’s pizza by the slice from the Café between 6:00-6:45pm for those who are coming straight from sports or other activities and don’t have time to go home to eat first.

If you are interested in attending Fall Retreat (and you should be!), please bring your $25 deposit and your Medical Release Form and Shamineau Health Waiver Form.  Both forms and all other details can be found on our Fall Fling PAGE.  If you aren’t sure if you can attend, but want to lock in a spot, please turn in your forms.  You can get a refund on your deposit up until October 3rd if you have to cancel.  But we are limited on how many spaces we have available.

In an effort to help youth afford attending Fall Retreat and Districts, we are launching our Christmas Wreath Fundraiser.  These are very high quality wreaths and we have heard very positive feedback from those who purchased them in previous years.  Our pricing is very competitive, so be bold and ask around to friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, relatives, coworkers of parents, youth leaders, church family, etc.  A great goal would be to sell at least 10 items.  If you sold 28 items, you could entirely cover the cost of both Fall Retreat and Districts!  Online purchases can be made this year through our website using a credit card for added convenience.  The link to share with others is

See You At the Pole is happening next Wednesday morning at 7am and numerous local schools, so please mark your calendars for September 26th and work together with friends to promote this event at your school.



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