Kickoff BBQ Sept 12

We had a wonderful summer and are super excited to launch the fall Soul Garage youth ministry activities with our Kickoff BBQ on Wednesday, September 12th from 6:00pm-9:00pm at Andrew & Rachel Schofield’s residence.  The address is 1969 16th Avenue, Cameron.  See the map below for directions from the Soul Garage.

All youth 6th grade through 12th grade are invited to join us for free food, GaGa Ball, 9 Square-in-the-Air, and game of Plunger Ball.  We will also have a time of worship around the campfire along with a time to welcome in our new 6th graders and any other new students.  Bring your friends and your A-game for Plunger Ball.

If you have never played Plunger Ball, check out this short video to get a taste of what it is like:

Our first Wednesday meeting in the Soul Garage will be the following Wednesday, September 19th. Take note that we have adjusted our youth group time earlier this year starting on September 19th.  Our regular youth group time will run 6:45pm-8:30pm throughout the school year.  Doors will still open at 6:00pm for youth to come and hang out and grab some food from the Café before programming starts at 6:45pm.

We hope that an earlier end time will make it easier for families to get home and get to bed at a decent time on Wednesday evenings.  If you know of families who have not participated because 9pm was too late of an end time for them, please help us spread the word that this year we will be wrapping up at 8:30pm!

Keep an eye out for Fall Retreat information coming online in the next few days!  Deposit is due September 19th and final registration numbers due October 3rd!  We would love to see EVERY SINGLE student join us for Fall Retreat to bond together as a group and build deeper friendships!


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