Challenge 2018: Reflection #8 (Emi Bell)


When I first got in the car to go to Kansas City my faith wasn’t that strong. I was half and half about it for most of my life, but one experience there changed my whole life…

     One day we were in the gathering area and at that time we were worshiping. I don’t know why but I really just felt upset and lonely that whole day. While I was standing there I got this weird feeling. It was like my whole body filled with warmth and I was immediately happy and excited that I was worshiping god and nothing else mattered.

    It was like a light bulb went off in my head and everything started to make sense to me. I realized that I didn’t need everyone else’s love, I just needed God’s to be fulfilled. That day changed my whole life and I wish that I could get that feeling all over again.

   After that day my faith completely changed and now all I need is God’s love. All I want to do is what God tells me and that is what is going to happen from now on in my life. That day God showed me his love and power and I never want to let that go. I know that sin will try to drag me down and disobey God but I am now willing to fight to follow after him.

      I am so glad I made it to Challenge because I may have never got that experience when I did, but now that I have I will not let go of God. Challenge was amazing in so many ways but that was just one of them for me. I was so thankful I got to go and I hope someone else will have that great experience just like me.



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