Challenge 2018: Reflection #6 (Ayden Wenzel)

Actually, God was growing my faith before Challenge and I didn’t even know it. I wasn’t supposed to go on the trip. A space opened up but I had a limited time to earn enough money to go. My parents told me to pray about it and I decided to go for it. I still find it hard to believe that in the short amount of time we had, I raised over $600. God is faithful.

I learned so much at Challenge. I’ve grown closer to God and developed new and stronger friendships.  I think my favorite part was connecting with people; some old friends and some complete strangers. It was amazing to learn from Pastor Tony, Michelle, Matt and Julie how to love people that are different. Sometimes they are hung over, sometimes homeless, and to treat them with the love of Jesus.

Steven Kozak

I really loved all the speakers . Each had a unique way of teaching but were still good at relaying their message. I would say that my favorite was Steven Kozak. He taught the lab “How to Talk with My Atheist Friend without Being a Jerk”. He spoke on how we can be certain of truth and how you can reach out to others in love to share the truth of Christ effectively and successfully. I have to admit, I have struggled with that.

I’m so THANKFUL I had this opportunity! I will never be the same again.  ~Ayden Wenzel



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