Breakfast Bible Study #2

The Bible is a difficult book to navigate, but we believe it is alive and active.  God has spoken through His written word and He continues to speak to us as we read and study the Bible.  If you struggle to read and study the Bible, make an investment this summer in learning how to better understand it.

Grab your friends and come join us as we enjoy some great food for breakfast and study the book of James together this Wednesday morning, June 20th 9am-11am at the Nord Residence (610 Haglin Ave., Cameron).

Read through James 1 and note anything that sticks out to you in preparation.  If you want to go a little further, read a little about the background, context, and author of the book of James.

This is open to all students entering 6th grade through 2018 grads.

Check out this helpful overview of the Book of James:



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