Middle School Retreat

All middle school youth are invited to join us for our annual middle school retreat happening at the Soul Garage April 13-14, 2018.  We are joining together again with Chippewa Valley Bible Church for a great time of fun and learning.  Dave & Rennie from Cadre Ministries will not be joining us this year, but we will continue a similar focus on discipling and encouraging middle school students to live out their faith in very practical ways.

Even though we don’t have 5th graders in youth group, we are welcoming 5th graders to join for this retreat if they would like to get a taste of the sort of things we do with youth group.  We understand that many school districts include 5th graders in middle school.  If you have questions, please contact Pastor Tony.

This year our theme is “Walking With Jesus”.  Our entire focus is on developing a devotional life walking closer with Jesus.  Particularly, we are focusing on equipping students with some foundational skills and knowledge to help them learn to read and study the Bible in a way that makes sense and is exciting and relevant to their lives.

Cost is only $25

Retreat starts Friday evening and ends Saturday evening.

To view or download a brochure, click 2018 Middle School Retreat Brochure.

Here is our updated MEFC Permission Family Form


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