Help Needed for Palm Sunday Breakfast

This Sunday, the Soul Garage is having our annual Palm Sunday Breakfast Fundraiser at Maranatha EFC from 7:30am-12:30pm.  There are several ways that we are needing help:
  1. Donations – We have created a sign-up list for families to donate items that we will need on Sunday.  By donating these items, you will help us maximize our profit.  If you would like to sign-up to bring an item (or items), click here.  Items need to be brought to the church by 12pm on Friday, March 23.  Here is the schedule for when items can be dropped off:
    • Church office on Tuesday-Thursday, from 10am-4pm
    • Soul Garage on Wednesday, from 6pm-9:30pm
    • Church office on Friday, from 10am-12pm
  2. Prep Help – We need volunteers (parents or students) to help work on Friday, March 23 from 4pm-7pm and Saturday, March 24, from 9am-4pm at Maranatha to prepare for Sunday’s fundraiser.
  3. Fundraiser Help – We need volunteers (parents or students) to help work on Sunday, March 25 for the actual fundraiser. There are two shifts:
    • 6:45am-10:15am
    • 10am-2pm
If you would like to volunteer to help on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, click here.
The funds raised from this breakfast will support the ministry of the Soul Garage, specifically helping students be able to attend the EFCA national conference this summer.
Thank you for your support of our ministry!
-Pastor Tony

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