Tornado Cleanup Day Aug 26

All youth, children and adults are invited to brave the cooler weather and a little rain Saturday August 26th to show the love of Christ to our neighbors at the Prairie Lake Estates Trailer Park between Cameron and Chetek where the tornado caused severe damage, injuries, and even death back in May. The cleanup is scheduled from 8:00am-2:00pm, but there is possibility the cleanup will be completed by lunch time.

This final cleanup day is open to all in the community to participate.  It will not involve power tools, just raking and hand cleanup in final preparation for renovating and planting.  Come as a family and serve the community together!  Even if you can only serve for an hour or two, please come!

Dress warmly and bring rain gear and possibly rain boots if you want.  You may also want to bring gloves and a water bottle.

FREE lunch will be provided midday.

All participants will need to fill out a Release of Liability Registration Form.  If you are a minor, YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE A PARENT SIGNATURE in order to participate!  Click Torn Clean Up Reg Form to download the form or have your parent fill one out when they drop you off.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Pastor Tony Nord 715.642.5132

The address is: 1045 22nd St, Chetek, WI 54728


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