Scavenger Hunt Rescheduled!

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Due to the inclement weather forecasted for most of the day Wednesday, we are rescheduling the 2017 Soul Garage Scavenger Hunt to Thursday of this week.  That is Thursday, June 29th.
The event will begin at 5:00pm with food at the Soul Garage.  Instructions and rules will start at 5:30pm, so please do your best to arrive as close to 5:00pm as possible to eat before instructions.  We plan to be done about 8:30pm back at the Soul Garage.
This scavenger hunt will take place all across the town of Rice Lake.  Various youth leaders will be driving the vehicles.  Each vehicle will form a team.  There will be life lines provided to help groups that get stuck.  No speeding allowed.  The winning group will be the group that successfully solves the riddles and clues for their group leading them from one location to the next until one group finds the FINAL DESTINATION.  At that point, the game will be over and all groups will be contacted by text message with instructions to return immediately to headquarters (aka The Soul Garage).  Upon return, we will have some treats for all to enjoy and share stories of the adventures we had.
Students who have cell phones or smart phones are encouraged to bring them with a significant charge to their battery as they WILL be able to use technology to help them solve the riddle and to “phone a friend”.  At least one team member per team is required to have a smart phone with the Google Maps app downloaded as that will be used to communicate between each team and the Game Master back at the church.  If you have space on your device, you are encouraged to download the Google Maps app before arriving at the Soul Garage Thursday evening.  Only one per team needs to have it, but teams will not be formed until Thursday evening.
Please consider inviting friends to this event.  It will be a fun relationship-building event with a little bit of adventure and puzzle-solving involved.  There will be some great food and some sweets to enjoy.

For food planning purposes, please text Pastor Tony ASAP to confirm you are attending and if you are bringing any friends.  715.642.5132

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