EQUIP Middle School Retreat

Photo Credit: www.cadremissionaries.com
Photo Credit: http://www.cadremissionaries.com

Due to a scheduling conflict, the EQUIP Middle School Retreat has been bumped back to April 28-29, 2017.  All 6th-8th grade students are invited to join us for a multi-church retreat that we will be hosting at the Soul Garage.  EQUIP is a crazy, fun and life-changing retreat designed to “equip” middle school students to be disciples who make disciples…who make more disciples.  Cost is only $25!

Dave & Rennie Garda from Cadre Ministries will be the speakers.

Registration forms and payment due Wednesday, April 19th!

For more information, check out the EQUIP 2017 brochure.

EQUIP 2017 Brochure

To download the Permission Form or Medical Release Form, go to our Forms page


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