Districts Details

2 more days until Districts!  If you are joining us for the 2017 District Youth Conference, check out this post for all the details you need to know.



  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Bible
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Sleeping Bag (if your room leader tells you to bring one)
  • Modest sleepwear
  • Modest swimwear (see Rules & Expectations for details)
  • Snacks (if desired)
  • Spending money (see below)
  • Cell phone & charger

Leave Home

  • Drugs
  • Tobacco Products
  • Alcohol
  • Electronic gadgets (tablets, gaming systems, laptops, etc.)
  • Laser pointers
  • Fireworks
  • Pets
  • Weapons

*Recreational Activities:  Some students may want to take advantage of the recreational options for Saturday afternoon (Bowling, YMCA, or Kroc Center).  If students are interested in this option, they should bring appropriate athletic clothing and footwear, as well as let their room leader know of their interest.  Examples of activities: Basketball, Swimming Pool, Wally Ball or Racquet Ball)

**Spending money:  Here is a list of what students may want spending money for:

  • Sunday lunch at the food court (this is entirely the student’s cost)
  • Snacks
  • Recreational activities ($2-$7 for teens; $2-$10 for adults; see above for more info)
  • Special Offering: Taken Saturday morning to help Kids Around the World provide meals to families in Guatemala. We need $25,000 to cover the cost of 100,000 meals that will be packed during the conference.
  • T-shirts ($10 or $12 – they sell out fast, so buy early)
  • Books or CDs from speakers or performers (sold in booths around the conference center)


Check-in will take place in the foyer of the main church building at 11:30am on Friday, January 6.  We hope to depart by noon, so please be on time!


Once again we will be taking leader’s vehicles, instead of a bus.  Students will NOT be assigned to a vehicle, as long as everyone works together to make sure no one is left out.

Christ Out Saviour Church of Chicago (COSC)

We are excited to welcome 13 youth and leaders from COSC to join us again at Districts.  COSC is the Filipino church that we have partnered with for the past three summers for our mission trip.  This year, they will be in their own rooms and breakout groups, but they will be with us for the primetime rally’s and meals.


This year, we will be trying something new for our meals.  Several ladies from our church will be coming along to Districts to take care of providing meals for us.  Our schedule will be:

  • Friday Lunch – Sack lunch*
  • Friday Supper – Chili
  • Saturday Breakfast – Hotel Buffet
  • Saturday Lunch – Walking Tacos
  • Saturday Supper – Pizza
  • Sunday Breakfast – Hotel Buffet
  • Sunday Lunch – Bay Park Square Mall Food Court (at student’s cost)

*Students will be given a sack lunch for the drive to Green Bay consisting of a sandwich, fruit/veggie, treat and water bottle.  If a student wants something different or has special diet needs, he or she should bring their own lunch.  We will NOT be stopping for food on the way to Green Bay (bathroom break only)


We have been assigned to the Quality Inn.  This hotel is NOT connected to the KI Convention Center, so we will be driving back and forth between our hotel and the Convention Center.

  • Male Rooms:  Each male room will have 2 Queen beds.  3-4 students plus an adult leader will be assigned to a room. If a student is not comfortable sharing a bed with another student, then he should bring a sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Female Rooms:  The female rooms do not all have the same configuration.  There may not be enough beds for each female, so some students may need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow.  Each female room leader will discuss this with her students ahead of time and let each one know whether a sleeping bag is needed.

Down Time

Throughout the conference weekend, there will be down time when we encourage students to talk to each other, hang out with one another, or play board or card games.  Leaders will be bringing games, but youth are welcome to bring their favorite games along as well (assuming they are clean/appropriate).  Students will not be permitted to watch tv, movies or play video games during the weekend.  Instead of watching a screen, we expect students to use this time to get to know each other better.


On Saturday afternoon, during the conference, there will be seminars offered during three different time slots.  Students are allowed to attend multiple seminars, but all students will be expected to attend at least one seminar.  Students will be required to let their room leader know what seminar(s) they plan to attend by Friday night.  To see the list of seminars, click here.

Rules & Expectations

Districts can be a life-changing experience and the rules and expectations are designed to help everyone in our group have the greatest experience possible.   Please read the list carefully.

  • Unless you are married, there should be no public or private displays of affection, especially during the rally times.  This is distracting to you and those around you.
  • Students are not permitted to go to any location outside of the KI Convention Center or the Quality Inn, unless accompanied by a Soul Garage leader.
  • While in the KI Convention Center or Quality Inn:
    • High School students are expected to inform room leader of his/her location at all times.
    • Junior high students are expected to be with a Soul Garage leader at all times, unless the student is in his or her assigned hotel room.
  • Students are expected to dress modestly at all times.
    • For swimwear, boys may wear swimming shorts or swimming trunks.  Girls may wear a one piece or two piece swimsuit, provided that it covers the stomach and sides.  A non-white tank top or t-shirt must be worn on top of a bikini.
    • Students should wear modest sleepwear and loungewear.
  • Students are not to use foul or perverse language/speech at any time.
    • Students are permitted to have cell phones or MP3 players with them, but should refrain from using them during rallies, seminars/workshops and break out sessions.  If a student is abusing the privilege of keeping a cell phone/MP3 player with him/her, leaders may confiscate the phone until the end of the conference.  Students will be expected to give their cell phone number to their small group leader.
  • Sleep Policy:
    • The District Youth Conference schedule lists “In Rooms/Quiet Time” as 12am and “Lights out” as 12:30am.  We will be firm on these two times, in order to help students and leaders get the rest they need to be able to get the most out of the sessions and rallies and to ensure our drivers are rested for the return trip!
    • Leaders reserve the right to restrict and/or confiscate caffeinated beverages, to help students sleep at night.
  • All students and a parent/guardian signed a Discipline Release as part of the registration process.  The release states:

I [parent/guardian] have been informed of and understand the rules pertaining to the trip/activity that my son/daughter is participating in with Maranatha Evangelical Free Church (MEFC).  I understand that if at any time my son/daughter refuses to abide by or continually disregards the rules as set forth, or if my son/daughter becomes destructive, I will be immediately notified and he/she will be sent home on the safest and quickest transportation available, at my expense, if necessary.

  • Any medication (prescription or over the counter) should be given to the student’s room leader to hold onto and dispense throughout the weekend.

Return (Sunday evening)

We will return around by 5pm on Sunday, January 8th.  There will be a 10-15 minute meeting in the sanctuary for Pastor Tony and the parents immediately upon return while the vehicles are being unloaded.  The goal is to help parents understand what took place at Districts and how to best help your youth make lasting changes in their relationship with God and others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Tony at 847.682.2405 or email him at rlsoulgarage@gmail.com.

Districts App

Check out the Districts app by searching “Districts Youth Conference” wherever you download apps.  The app has a Spotify playlist of the worship songs that we will sing at Districts.  Also, there is a schedule, speaker bios, seminar descriptions, maps, and much more.



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