Breakfast & Bible: Week 2

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All youth (incoming 7th graders – 2016 graduates) are invited to join us at the Soul Garage for WEEK 2 of our Summer “Breakfast and Bible” on Wednesday, July 20th 9:00AM-11:00AM.  Bring your Bible.  Bring your belly.  Bring your best friends.

Last week we enjoyed pancakes with fruit and whipped cream.  We set off the smoke detectors frying bacon.  We started exploring Jonah 1 making a list of questions that included the following:

  1. What is the “word of the Lord”?
  2. Who is Jonah?
  3. When did he live?
  4. Why is it important that we know who his father is?
  5. Why is “LORD” in all capital letters?
  6. Why did he have to preach?
  7. Was this the first time God sent Jonah somewhere?
  8. What did Nineveh do that brought it’s sins up before the Lord?
  9. Why did Jonah run away?
  10. Why did he try heading toward Tarshish?
  11. Where is Tarshish?
  12. Did Nineveh have a bad reputation among all people or just with Jonah?
  13. Why was there a storm?
  14. Is there a parallel with the 3 days and nights Jonah spent in the fish and the time Jesus spent in the tomb?
  15. Why did God send a storm upon the sailors if Jonah was the one at fault?
  16. Did the sailors become God-followers?
  17. If the sailors are pantheists, how is it that they worship Jonah’s God?
  18. Why did they have to throw Jonah overboard?

Next week, we will have a little nerf war with our nerf bows and arrows after our study of Jonah 2

Help spread the word to your friends.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast & Bible: Week 2

    1. Nikki, I just saw your question after I added a new post letting everyone know that we are going to bump to noon-2:00pm just for this Wednesday, July 27th because of VBS. Thanks for asking!

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