Change of Plans

On the Soul Garage calendar we had planned to do a regular monthly game night at the Nord House this coming Saturday, April 2nd, but plans have changed.  Instead of doing game night this Saturday, we are inviting all youth and families that want to join us in practicing being a loving youth group to come over to Luck, WI to watch Mike Delany perform in the Luck High School Spring Show.

Spring Show

This is a small and fun way to love on the Mike & McKenna Delany’s family as they continue to grieve the death of their dad, Jim.

The show runs from 7:30-9:30pm Friday and Saturday.  The Nord’s are heading over on Saturday and invite anyone who is free to join us.  We have room for a few to ride with us. We plan to leave from Cameron at 6:00pm.


  • Adults: $5
  • Students & Seniors: $3

The address is:

Luck High School
810 7th Street South
Luck, WI 54853

Bring a little extra money if you want to join us for ice cream on the way home.


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