Epic Bonfire Dec 30th

Flaming Arrow1

All youth 7th-12th grade and their friends are invited to come join us Wednesday, December 30th for a winter party and bonfire at the Kuhrt Residence (1817 19th Ave., Rice Lake – just north and west of Walmart).  The party runs from 3:00-6:00pm.  Free food.  Games in the snow…..Yes, there will be snow.  There are 3 days between today and next Wednesday with snow in the forecast – whohoo!  SnowSquare in the Air, Snow Football, maybe even Snow GaGa Ball.  The plan is to light the massive bonfire using a flaming arrow.  It may fail or it may be the coolest thing you have seen in 2015….come to find out!

For those who don’t love winter (silly people), there will be a warm garage with snacks and hot drinks and cool people to hang out with.

Until then….Merry Christmas!  Hope to see you at Maranatha’s Christmas Eve Service (3:00pm or 4:30pm)



God is Trustworthy!


Sometimes, life stinks!  

How do you respond when that’s your reality?  

Can God be trusted even when life is hard and your world seems to be falling apart all around you?

Job Sitting by Tree 

Join us Wednesday, December 2nd at the Soul Garage as Andre Abraham brings the teaching from our Bigger & Better Series.  God is BIGGER & BETTER than we have realized.  We will be exploring the story of Job and we will see how Job’s understanding of God exploded when he had a direct encounter with the God of all creation.

DON’T FORGET!!!  Final payment for Districts and all forms are due tonight, December 2nd! We mail our group payment tomorrow and there is no guarantee we can add after this point.  If we can, there is a significant late fee you would have to pay.