Bigger OR Better Fun Night

As has been our tradition over the past few years at the Soul Garage, every month that has a 5th Wednesday we plan a special fun night for the youth group.  September has a 5th Wednesday and it is only a few days away.  Next Wednesday, September 30th we have a very special fun night planned for the Soul Garage youth.  We have announced it during the past couple weeks, but we wanted to make sure that all parents are aware of the plans for this special night.  We are asking youth to arrive at 6:30pm, if possible, to gather and receive instructions on how the night is going to play out.  We are going to be playing a game called Bigger OR Better.  We intend to depart from the Soul Garage at 6:45pm.

The game will be played throughout the surrounding community with various youth leaders each driving a group of youth in their vehicle around the community with the goal of returning to the Soul Garage with the biggest and best items they can find.  Each group will be given a penny to start the game.  They will then find someone to trade their penny for something bigger or better.  They will then take that item and find someone else to trade with to get something even bigger or even better.  The game will continue until the allotted time is up and everyone returns to the Soul Garage for the judging portion of the game.  The youth leaders will judge which group returned with the biggest or best treasure.  Everyone on the winning team will receive a $5 Culvers Gift Card. We plan to be done at 9:00pm as normal.

The goal of the night is to build relationships and have lots of fun getting to know each other at a deeper level as we work together as a team to bring home the biggest and best item.  We hope that this fun interactive game will create some lasting memories and help youth interact with some others that they may not already know.

If you have any questions or concerns about our plans for the night, please call me ASAP.  No youth will be allowed to drive during the event, ONLY adult leaders.  My cell is 847.682.2405

If you want to check out our fun little promo video one of our recent grads create for us, check it out HERE.


Unborn Lives Matter to God!




Unborn lives matter to God.  Do they matter to you?  If so, get your keister (aka. your bottom) up off the couch this Saturday morning (September 26h) and come join us at the Barron County Fairgrounds as we support the incredibly important work of the Rice Lake Pregnancy Help Center in fighting for the unborn in our community.


The event is called Bike 4 Life.  Yet, if you don’t have a bike or tend to get bucked off your bike or simply don’t like to bike, YOU CAN (and should) STILL PARTICIPATE by walking or watching.  All ages are welcome.  Come with the whole family!  Weather forecast is currently looking wonderful.

The event runs from 8:30am-11:30am, Saturday, September 26th at the Barron County Fairgrounds.

There are some cool items that will be sold during a live auction and a silent auction.

More details by clicking HERE.
Allow God to renew your passion and commitment for fighting for those that cannot defend themselves by watching this powerful short clip from Pastor Matt Chandler.

GOSPEL Series: Part 2

small sins have big consequences

On Wednesday, September 23rd we will continue our GOSPEL Series by reflecting on the consequence of sin.  We will be exploring the question: “What’s the big deal about sin anyway?”

This week’s message: Our sins separate us from Him.

Last week’s message: God created us to be in a relationship with Him

If you missed it or just want to watch it again, check out the Skit Guys Video from last week below called God’s Chisel Remastered.  You can purchase your own copy at  I would encourage you to watch it every day for a week or more until you begin to truly believe that you were created on purpose for a purpose, created in the image of God, created to be in a relationship with God, not pursuing the things of this world.

Reminder that Fall Retreat numbers are being finalized this week.

Reminder that Saturday is the Pregnancy Help Center Bike for Life event at the Fairgrounds.  Grab your bike and come ride with me around the track and check out the silent auction items.


See YOU At the Pole 2015!


YOUTH: Grab your friends and come pray at your local school flagpole this Wednesday morning, September 23rd at 7:00am for the annual global student prayer event called See You At the Pole.  This is a student led prayer movement across the world.  It is a great opportunity to stand up for your faith in a God who hears our prayers and wants to UNITE us as one body of believers to reach our schools with the good news of the Gospel!

We hope to have youth leaders at as many of the local schools as possible to join you in prayer and support you in your stand.



IMG_7210 IMG_7209

G.O.S.P.E.L Series: Part 1

What is the overall message of the Bible?  Can you explain it to a friend in 1 minute?  Do you understand it for yourself?  During this series, we will be exploring what the Gospel Message from the Bible is and learn how to share this life-changing message with those God has placed in our lives using a couple simple tools.

Check out this video that summarizes the Gospel message in a creative Spoken Word format by the artist Propaganda:

DON’T FORGET!:  If you haven’t signed up for Fall Retreat (Oct 9-11), make sure to do so tonight.  Fill out the 2 required forms on the Fall Fling page on our website and bring your $20 deposit.  Only about 10 spaces remaining!

Youth Group in the Soul Garage


Youth Group in the Soul Garage starts tonight, Wednesday the 9th! All 7th Grade – 12th Grade youth are invited to come join us as we begin our new year together growing closer to God and to each other.  If you have a friend that does not have a youth group they are connected with, bring them along.  We would love to meet them and welcome them into the group.  We look forward to welcoming in the new 7th graders!

Youth Group is from 7:00-9:00pm.  For those who want to grow deeper and connect deeper with others can sign up for a small group tonight.  Small groups will begin next week and will be from 6:00-7:00pm.

The $20 deposit for Fall Retreat is due TONIGHT!  If you cannot afford the cost of Fall Retreat ($115) but want to come, sign up and we will make sure you can afford to participate.  We have 40 spots to fill.  More info HERE.

Madeline Island Trip Cancelled


Since only a few youth were going to be able to attend the trip to Madeline Island over Labor Day Weekend, we decided to cancel the trip.  Sorry to those who were excited about the trip, but don’t be bummed too long.

We have an excellent Fall Retreat planned for October 9-11 at Camp Shamineau in Motley, MN.  The $20 deposit for Fall Retreat is due next Wednesday, September 9th.  We would love for every single youth that is able to join us that weekend for a great time together bonding as a youth group.  You are encouraged to invite friends who don’t have a youth group to join us that weekend.  More details about the Fall Fling Fall Retreat, check out the tab on the Soul Garage website HERE.