Chicago Mission Trip Day 7

Wheaton College Tour

It’s late Friday night/Saturday morning, but the following is the post I was unable to finish from Thursday night due to a dead laptop and power cord left at the church.  

Thursday, July 16th

Another day and some more great ministry and relationship building. After VBS this morning, we had Pastor Josh (youth pastor at COSC) and Erikka (youth leader at COSC) share about their experience at Moody Bible Institute.  We had a great conversation tonight in the van as we were driving back from Wheaton where we did a college visit and met up with our friends who recently returned from Israel.  Our friends shared about their experience teaching at a Christian school in Jerusalem where the students are predominantly Muslims.  The conversation in the van touched on the topic of becoming a more united and more close-knit youth group.  There were a number of the youth that vocalized a strong desire to see the Soul Garage youth ministry become more united and loving and inclusive.  We talked about how we can work together to make this happen.  I am excited to see where this goes.

Moody Bible Institute Presentation by Pastor Josh & Erikka



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