Chicago Mission Trip Day 5

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Praise God that several children accepted Christ today!  That is one of the most wonderful things I could possibly type.  We have been working hard to create a fun environment for children to come and learn about the Bible and to hear the Gospel message, but the most effective way to help children come to faith in Christ is having a personal conversation with them.  Today, one of our good friends from Christ Our Savior Church was able to join us for the day.  During the morning she took a few children aside at different parts of the morning to ask them about their understanding of the Bible.  If the children are ready to respond, they are given the opportunity and today 4 children prayed to trust in Christ while one wasn’t quite ready.  Throughout the week, our youth will have the opportunity to be a part of these conversations with the children.  Please pray that the children are ready to respond to the Gospel message and pray that our youth are able to help lead some children to Christ and be blessed through that.

This afternoon we visited Trinity University in Deerfield, IL.  We received a tour of the campus and had the chance to visit with the Enrollment Counselor.  The students also had the chance to meet Dr. Grant Osborne who is a seminary professor at Trinity and also the grandfather to Kaylin Kargus who is on this trip.  The visit was very nice. Please pray that if God is leading some youth to attend a Christian college after high school that the youth and their families would trust God to provide the way financially to make this great opportunity a possibility.



One thought on “Chicago Mission Trip Day 5

  1. whoot whoot AAAWWEEESOME!! Prayer to follow them the rest of their new life! May they be like the seeds that fall in fertile soil and grow strong! We will continue to pray for your joy, your creativity, your natural abilities to shine bright and to be God’s delivery of hope and genuine love. We will also pray for tender hearts that have ears to hear and eyes to see with hearts of understanding. Way to rock the trip!

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