Summer Kickoff BBQ June 5th


School is wrapping up for the year.  The Soul Garage summer calendar of events is about to launch with our Summer Kickoff BBQ.  Come join us this Friday, June 5th between 5:00-10:00pm at the Gruber Farm in Barron for a night of food, games, hanging out with friends and enjoying summer together!  Bring some friends and clothes and shoes for night games.

All graduating seniors are invited to participate for one final summer of fun before you are too mature for hanging out with us crazy “youth”.  All incoming 7th graders are invited to get plugged in this summer with youth group starting NOW with the Summer Kickoff BBQ.  We are excited to have you join the Soul Garage youth group and want to welcome you into the group.

The address for the Gruber’s is 1479 17th Street, Barron.  The map below shows how to get there from the Rice Lake Walmart.  Or, you can click on this google maps link HERE.

Directions to Gruber Farm copy


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