Burgers, Shave Ice, Popcorn & a Movie!


Join us for a fun night at the Soul Garage, Wednesday, April 29th, at 6pm for burgers and shave ice.  Then at 7pm, you can grab a bag of popcorn and get ready to watch a movie on the big screen (movie will start at 7:15pm).

Don’t forget to pre-sell as many discount cards as possible.  High sellers will win prizes!

Q&A on Homosexuality & The Bible

Image Source: http://www.doctorsupercoach.com/qa/
Image Source: http://www.doctorsupercoach.com/qa/

We will wrap up our series on Homosexuality & The Bible Wednesday, April 22nd at the Soul Garage with a Q&A session. Pastor Tony will respond to the questions youth previously submitted.  If time allows, you will have the opportunity to ask some questions live as well.

We will also talk about the summer plans (backpacking and canoeing trips, mission trip to Chicago, camping trip, and bonfires)!

Issues of Human Sexuality

Image Source: http://studentlife.biola.edu/news/2013/jul/30/biolas-statement-sexuality/
Image Source: http://studentlife.biola.edu/news/2013/jul/30/biolas-statement-sexuality/

As Christ followers, seeking to radically love one another as modeled by Christ and commanded in the New Testament, how are we to navigate the cultural waters surrounding the topic of human sexuality?  What are we to believe about homosexuality, same-sex marriage, tolerance and the Bible?

On April 8th and 15th we will be examining some of these vitally important questions during youth group at the Soul Garage.

  1. Why is there so much hatred and anger from both sides of the debate?
  2. What is true tolerance?  How is that different from the current application of “tolerance”?
  3. If homosexuality is not a choice, how can we say it is a sin?
  4. If homosexuality is a choice, why do some people choose that lifestyle?
  5. Should same-sex marriage be allowed?
  6. What does the Bible say about same-sex relationships?
  7. What does the Bible teach about loving and caring for others?
  8. What words, actions, and behaviors from Christians are very hurtful and damaging to the Christian community’s relationship with the gay community?
  9. How do you love and support a friend or family member that identifies as gay without condoning the behavior or lifestyle?
  10. Why are numerous churches and denominations accepting homosexuality as a lifestyle if the Bible teaches against it?
  11. If I believe as a Christian that the Bible teaches homosexuality is sin, how can I make an intelligent defense of my conviction and have an honest conversation without being accused of being intolerant or hateful or judgmental?
  12. Is it appropriate to view my sexual orientation as the primary source of my identity?

If you have a question that you would like to see addressed, email it to Pastor Tony: tony@soulgarage.com

Tenebrae Service


image source: westendbaptist.org.uk
image source: westendbaptist.org.uk

On Wednesday, April 1st, the Soul Garage youth ministry will reflect and remember the sufferings of Jesus through a Tenebrae Service in the Soul Garage during our regular youth group time (7:00-9:00pm).  Come join us and bring a friend for this special night.

To help you worship Christ this time of year, check out this preview of a powerful video from Skit Guys related to Good Friday.