Apostle Islands Ice Caves Adventure Trip

Ice Caves

The Apostle Islands Ice Caves are currently scheduled to open THIS Saturday, March 28th!!  I have been checking almost daily on the ice conditions for the ice caves and the time has come for the ADVENTURE to begin!  Last year everyone who went to the Ice Caves thought it was pretty amazing.  We have a very creative Creator who has been quietly doing some artwork this winter and it is time for us to go check it out.  We hope you can join.

We are taking a trip tomorrow afternoon/evening and everyone is invited.  Bring the entire family or meet us there.  Here are the details:

12:15pm  Meet at the Soul Garage
12:30pm  Depart from Soul Garage
3:00pm  Arrive at Meyers Beach (Click here for directions)
6:15pm  Leave Meyers Beach
7:15pm  Arrive at McDonalds in Bayfield for supper (Click here for directions to McDonalds)
8:00pm  Depart from McDonalds
10:00pm  Return to Soul Garage

For those coming with the youth group, plan to bring $15 AND your Parent Permission Form

  • $5 to contribute for gas/parking
  • $5 for admission to the Ice Caves (new this year.  applies to everyone 16 and older.)
  • $5 for supper at McDonalds (Feel free to bring your own food if you want to save money)

Click MEFC Permission Form for the Parent Permission Form

If you are coming as a family, you do not need to provide a parent permission form.

Please make sure to read the FAQ’s and safety information and tips at the bottom of the page on the National Park Service Website

  • From what I have read, there is very little snow on the ice so it is VERY slippery this year.
  • If you have ski poles or crampons for your boots, bring them with.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Bring snacks and water in a little backpack.
  • Bring a headlamp or flashlight if you have one.
  • Ice skates might be a good option this year (I’m not joking).

If you are hoping to ride with the youth group, please text me by 9am tomorrow so I can try to make sure we have enough vehicles and drivers to transport everyone. My cell is 847.682.2405.

Hope to see you there!  The caves may only be accessible for a very short period of time this year.

Check out this video of someone ice skating to the Ice Caves:


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