New Teaching Series Starting January 21


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Starting January 21st, we will be beginning a new teaching series in the Soul Garage that will take us through the Apostle John’s letters to the early Church.  John likely spent his teen years walking with Jesus, eating food with him, learning directly from him and watching him suffer and die before reuniting with him after Jesus rose from the dead.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down with John and ask him what it was like to walk with Jesus and talk with Jesus in person?  During this series, we will dig in to the Word of God given to us through the Apostle John and learn about the basics of the faith.

Bring your personal Bible and be prepared to hear from God as we embark on this journey together between now and the end of March.

This week we also have the privilege of hearing from our new Senior Pastor, Cody Kargus, as he shares from his heart about being a FREAK!  Come find out what Pastor Cody is a FREAK about, but be careful because his excitement and passion may be contagious.

If you have a friend that does not have a church home or a youth group they are connected with, invite them to come hang out with us this new year in the Soul Garage!



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