Passover Seder Celebration: Take 2


There is rain, but NO snow in the forecast today, so we are a GO for celebrating the Passover Seder Meal tonight, April 23rd for youth group at the Soul Garage instead of small groups.  We will be sitting on rugs, cushions, and pillows on the floor at round tables similar to how Jesus and his disciples would have done it.  Everyone is asked to wear jeans or pants since we will be on the floor, not on chairs.  There will be hangout time 7:00-7:30 and the Seder will start at 7:30 so those helping with the Awana Carnival can join us at 7:30.  Most of the Seder is a symbolic meal, but we will eat some Matzo Ball Soup and Flourless Chocolate Cake Michelle is making.  Need I say more?  It should be a great time entering into Jewish culture to better understand the incredible significance of the Passover and Jesus being the Ultimate Passover Lamb whose shed blood allows us to be reconciled with God the Father.  See you tonight!


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