Districts 2014

Districts 2014

What a blessing to spend the weekend with all of you young men and women laughing together and learning together. I am happy for all of you that God saw fit to give you the day off school tomorrow so you could catch up on your beauty rest after a weekend of short nights. May God grant each of you the courage and strength to follow through with whatever it may be that God laid on your heart this weekend. We as leaders pray that you would grow deeper in your walk with Jesus Christ and are excited to journey alongside you as we seek to know God better, believe Him fully, trust him completely and love Him deeply. Remember to come prepared Wednesday to share what God did in your heart at Districts.

Leaders, you are amazing! Thank you for giving up a weekend to invest in the lives of these young men and women. May God give you the ability to stay awake tomorrow at work.

To all who donated scholarship funds to make this trip a possibility, we praise God for your generosity! You have made an investment in eternity. THANK YOU!


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