Ruth & Jesus

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Come this week (Wednesday, December 18th) to the Large Group Gathering of the Soul Garage Student Ministry.  We have some fun games planned and will be wrapping up our series on the Book of Ruth.  This week we will conclude by looking at how Ruth & Jesus are connected and wrestle with what the Book of Ruth reveals about what God is like.

Here are a few questions we have to ask about the Book of Ruth:

  1. Did Ruth and Boaz have sex before marriage?
  2. Why did the other guy want to buy the land, but not marry Ruth?
  3. Why are Boaz’s actions so extraordinary and what does this reveal about the character of God?
  4. What does the Book of Ruth teach us about prayer?
  5. What is a kinsman-redeemer anyway and what in the world does that have to do with your life as a student in Barron County, Wisconsin?



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